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As a holistic burnout coach, my mission is to raise awareness about burnout, especially within the corporate sector. My focus lies in conducting group workshops addressing burnout-related issues tailored to your company's needs. Additionally, I offer private one-on-one programs for individuals experiencing stress or severe burnout. In both workshops and programs, you'll benefit from my firsthand experience with burnout, allowing me to understand and address stress management and burnout at the corporate level effectively. Born in the Netherlands in '69, I relocated to Portugal at the age of 20. After three decades of continuous work in various corporate roles, I hit rock bottom due to burnout. Despite warnings from both my inner circle and my body over four years, my strong work ethic, responsibility, ambition, empathy, and boundless energy led me to overlook the red flags. A controlling nature and resolute character, initially advantageous, eventually contributed to my rock-bottom burnout—a process that took a year to acknowledge and accept. During the initial two years of sick leave, I clung to the hope of returning to work each month. Relying on medication for panic attacks and sleep, I experimented with various methods—yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, dietary changes—until I recognized the need for a complete transformation. Unable to revert to my old self, I embraced a process without clear deadlines, accepting the fluidity of time. Having healed, I reflect on the isolation I felt during my journey. This realization redirected my career towards supporting C-Suite professionals like you in managing stress and burnout. My purpose is to guide you on your unique path to healing or preventing burnout. No universal method exists, and there's no quick fix. Genuine healing requires discovering your personalized roadmap. Equipped with holistic techniques, I create customized programs for each client, understanding your experiences and tailoring a plan for burnout healing or stress management. My programs are flexible, allowing you the time to heal, invest in resonant methods, step back when needed, and progress at your own pace. Through my transformative journey, I've learned that healing doesn't adhere to a strict timetable. It's a personalized evolution, a story written at its own pace. Empowered by this experience, I'm dedicated to guiding fellow C-Suite professionals like you to script your own story of resilience within the demanding realm of corporate leadership

Our Services


single coach session

1 hr



6 months burnout healing

1 hr



1 month burnout prevention

1 hr 30 min



12 months rock bottom

1 hr



3 months burnout beginners

1 hr 30 min



Corporate Program

Custom hrs

Custom prices

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