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Single coaching session

For everyone and about anything

  • 80 euros
  • online session

What do you get?

Commitment-wary? Opt for a Single Session: Tailored coaching with no strings attached. If you have an issue you want to address, or if there is a holistic technique you want to implement in your daily life and need some help with it. But also if you just want to share something to get it out of your system, and another hundred reasons you can think of. A single coaching session allows you the freedom to leave it at that, or then book another one, or perhaps have a custom program created for you. Anything goes, our coaching environment is a safe space for everybody. Just try it out and see what it does to your life!

Cancellation Policy

If you are not ready for your session, no problem, just let me know 24 hrs before your appointment to reschedule. Live in Love

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Our Services


single coach session

1 hr



6 months burnout healing

1 hr



1 month burnout prevention

1 hr 30 min



12 months rock bottom

1 hr



3 months burnout beginners

1 hr 30 min


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