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6 Months - Burnout Healing Program

  • 1,750 euros
  • online sessions

What do you get?

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed? Do you have difficulties in keeping focused? Are your emotions taking a run with you? Do you overreact? Are you losing your motivation for work? Do you have unexplainable physical pains? If you tick three out of these, you are probably already suffering from a burnout. It is possible to avoid going rock bottom, if you take action NOW. It's time to prioritize YOUR well-being. This Burnout Healing Program will guide you through a personalized and nurturing process. Being an experience expert, I understand exactly the unique challenges you face, and will support you continuously. What sets this program apart: Tailored Approach: Everyone's journey to healing is different. I will work closely with you to create a personalized plan that addresses your specific needs and challenges, and have the flexibility to walk through it in the pace you are capable of. Holistic Well-Being: As our body, mind, emotions, intellect and spirit are all interconnected, I focus on holistic well-being, addressing all these parts of you to ensure long-term resilience. Proven Techniques: Benefit from evidence-based techniques and strategies that have helped many individuals recover from a burnout. There is a maintenance program available for you after you have healed. Ongoing Support: Healing takes time, and my commitment to your well-being extends beyond the program's sessions. I give you exercises, questionnaires that will trigger a shift in your mindset, and will also mail you weekly with extra information regarding the fase you are in, to make you feel fully supported all the time. Healing from burnout is a lonely road, and as I am an experience expert, I know how important continuous support will be for you. This package will be personalised to YOUR needs and includes: * 12 personalized one-on-one coaching sessions (90 minutes each) * Weekly check-in emails for ongoing support * Holistic exercises * Custom-made guided meditation recordings * Tailored mindfulness recordings for relaxation * Informative sheets providing insights into the fase of burnout you find yourself As a bonus, enjoy: FREE lifetime access to your private area on my coaching platform (housing exercises, session notes, email exchanges, and more) FREE participation in any webinar that takes place during these six months. Live in Love

Cancellation Policy

If you are not ready for your session, no problem, just let me know 24 hrs before your appointment to reschedule. Live in Love

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